Author Interview: J.A. Cipriano

I was lucky enough to be asked to interview J.A. Cipriano as part of the blog tour to celebrate the launch of his latest novel May Contain Spies.

  1. Give us your three word description of ‘May Contain Spies.’

It has spies

  1. What was your inspiration for the story?

Pretty little liars and my old crit partner. (I was writing something to show her what I meant and wound up turning it into a story)

  1. Who’s your favourite character in the book and why?

I’m fond of Marco because I like that he throws trashcans. I also like the mom because she is so evil and, well, doesn’t really care for it. She goes for it!

  1. What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you first started writing?

Everything you write will suck, but each thing will suck a little less than the thing before it, so don’t get discouraged. Also, a really basic outline can help a lot with getting from start to finish.

  1. I know you love spending time with your two year old. How do you fit writing in around parenting?

I can’t really. My toddler is all consuming when he’s around so I tend to write before he’s awake, during his nap, or after he goes to bed. Sometimes my wife watches him if I have a deadline or something.

I’ve tried to sit him in my lap and do editing and stuff, but he likes to play on the keyboard too much.

  1. What would you say to your child if they told you they wanted to grow up to be a writer?

You better start now and also plan for retirement. And you’re still going to college to be an engineer =D

  1. What if they said they wanted to grow up to be a spy?

Then don’t tell me about it so you don’t have to kill me.

  1. What’s your favourite genre to read? Is that different to your favourite genre to write?

I don’t have a particular genre. I have authors I like, but no genre in particular because I’m kind of a poser reader. I’m just as likely to read a book based on a movie I watched, the next big thing everyone talks about, or something I found on the shelf at the goodwill.

  1. Oh no! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us and all you have to defend yourself is the closest thing to your left hand. What is it?

My cell phone. That’s going to be difficult because I haven’t practiced my cell-phone fu in a long time. Also, wasn’t there a Stephen King novel where cell phones turned you into zombies or something… brains…

  1. What’s the one question you wish people would ask you in interviews but they never do? (and then answer it.)

What’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?


No, seriously I always wonder why people don’t ask me “what’s next” or do you feel like a real writer?

What’s next? Well, Abby Banks 2 obviously. You can look for that in July. I’m going to write it after I finish my current WIP which is for June. It’s called Under Wraps and is about a werewolf who goes back in time to Ancient Egypt to fight an evil mummy.  It’s part of a nine book event that I’m planning to span across four separate universes.

The other question is hard. I don’t feel like a real writer, but not because I’m bad or anything like that. The reason is simple, I still go all fan-boy for authors like Jim Butcher and Patrick Rothfuss. Trying to say I’m in the same category as guys like that just because I’ve put out a few books is crazy to me.

Still, on the other hand, I write… like a lot. I put out a book every month, and well books don’t write themselves. Maybe one day I’ll look up and realize I can talk to those guys without my heart hammering in my chest.

About J.A. Cipriano

When J. A. Cipriano was in second, grade his teacher gave everyone in class a journal to write down whatever they wanted. Their first subject was to write about something they didn’t like. J. A. chose to write about why he didn’t like writing. His reasoning was simple. He had bad handwriting. Even then he was destined to be an engineer due to his messy scrawl.

Unfortunately, he found through the course of this little adventure that he actually liked writing. That year was sort of the high point for his writing career because he won a writing contest for the state. He got to go to a big dinner and his teacher was all dressed up.

He kept writing little stories, year after year, and in sixth grade, won another contest. In seventh grade he broke his arm and got the cast signed by both Dean Koontz and Stan Lee. It is, by far, the coolest cast he’s owned. That was about the time he found video games and anime. His writing turned mostly toward fanfiction until about ninth grade where he wrote his first novel, a small book about twenty thousand words called Revelations. In sophomore year, he wrote two more books to complete the trilogy because he saw Star Wars that year and learned trilogies were the cool thing to do.

Since then, he’s written six more novels, four of which are in the Lillim Callina Series, and one in the Abby Banks series. The other is stuck in a drawer for time undetermined. He’s writing his next book now which is about werewolves fighting mummies in Ancient Egypt. After that, he will move onto Abby Banks 2. The Spy Within will come out in June or July.

J.A. also has three chinchillas. Two of them are grey and because of this, they are named Slate and Cadmium. The third is named Jet because he’s black, and Jet is old English for black. See, creative. He also has a cat named Turtle. This does pose problems for his two-year-old from time to time.

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