We Just Clicked

My new book, We Just Clicked, is being released next week!

Erin Cochrane loves the gossip and the countless bizarre stories about her best friend Bex’ adventures with online dating. Not that she’d ever sign up for the site herself. Erin’s far too busy planning her dream wedding to her gorgeous fiancé, Tyson.
But when Tyson decides that he is not ready for marriage, Erin’s world is turned upside down. Forced to move back in with her eccentric mother, things couldn’t get any worse. Thrust back into the singles’ scene, could online dating be the escape Erin needs from it all? Or will it be just another disaster?

From stalkers to cheapskates, Erin feels as though she’s become a magnet for every loser around, until she opens one message that changes everything.

It’s available for pre-order now, so you can have it delivered direct to your ereader as soon as its live and I’m so excited. I really loved writing this story and it brought back so many memories (good and bad!). Erin’s mother, Delia, was inspired by my own mum, who died almost twenty years ago and she was as eccentric as Delia is, although she was a lot easier to live with…

I also drew upon my time on the now defunct internet dating site, Love@Lycos, for story ideas. My attitude always was that if someone as cool as me(!) was on there, then there was bound to be my male equivalent. I never did find true love on that site, but I did make a lot of friends, as well as have some interesting encounters, like the guy who seemed to think that because he lived in Stevenage and I lived in Welwyn Garden City, we were clearly a match made in Heaven, regardless of whether we actually had any interests in common…

Funnily enough, I did meet my husband online, though, through a discussion group that arranged monthly socials, so in my experience, you can most definitely find love digitally!

I hope you enjoy the book and I’d love to know what you think, either by commenting here or leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.